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HOPE on the Other Side

Apr 26, 2018

Today's guest is Kim Walker.

Kim Walker is a Certified Success & Passion Coach and also a Business Hypnotist. She has a Masters in Biology and 27 years’ experience in the healing arts. As both a personal and business Hypnotist Kim uses professionally guided hypnosis to help you achieve your goals in a few short sessions. She has helped thousands of people just like you discover the hidden components of thought and action that are holding you back from success in you business and personal life.

Kim recounts a time when she went through a very bad rain storm and had to help her sister, who lived on the second floor and her entire place was flooded. She says that she had to call on family, friends and Facebook friends to get her sister to another family member.

Dr. Ken says in a situation like Kim described, being clear is the key and realizing you don't have to go at it alone.

Kim shares the story of her niece. She says that when her niece would get off her medication, she would withdraw. Her niece became homeless and was subject to an awful environment. She was victimized on the street in various ways.

Dr. Ken says that for 15 years he worked in a county psychiatric hospital in California and 1/3 of his clientelle were the homeless.

Kim says they were able to get her niece into treatment and believes her niece has just forgotten the trauma by blocking it.

Dr. Ken says that people with schizophrenia must realize it doesn't affect their entire life and that portions of their life are free of that diagnosis.

Kim again discusses her sister and how she gave birth and the stress of that caused her to run off again. The new baby was refusing to eat from a bottle. Kim happened to have a baby around the same time, so she was enlisted to breastfeed her niece.

Kim says that communication was the key. Her husband was extremely supportive. She says you need healthy boundaries to help yourself. These boundaries change over time and that's OK.

Kim says that a loving and supportive attitude is essential. Many with schizophrenia need the love and support. Kim does whatever she can to return her sister's calls as soon as possible.

Kim discusses hypnosis. She has used it for over 30 years. She says you can live a more joyful, balanced and healthy life through hypnosis. She says that hypnosis is a learning process. She says you won't do anything that will harm you.

Dr. Ken says hypnosis is a form of learning at a very deep level.

Kim says that caregivers should educate themselves. They need to have healthy boundaries. They should speak with a counselor to help them by being a sounding board.