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HOPE: On the Other Side of the Door

Dec 27, 2018

This is first talk on the Schizophrenia Care Project.  The theme will be the project’s goals, vision, sub-parts and mission.



First language and “words” were discussed.  There is a theory of human communication that holds that the words we use have an impact on our sense of identity, our place in the world,...

Nov 29, 2018

Dr. Byron G. De Long joins Dr. Ken to discuss the triad of self-care. He goes into detail on each of the three aspects of self-care and how they can help the caregiver a great deal.

Nov 7, 2018

Today's episode of Hope on the Other Side features Dr. Ken Campos and a discussion of Soteria House. Dr. Ken discusses the history and benefits of Soteria House in this, the first part of this series.


Oct 11, 2018

Now is the time

Oct 11, 2018

The focus is on food and diet at home as a way toward  balanced, healthful, meaningful, and respectful lives for the person living with Schizophrenia and their caregivers, too.

In psychiatric and neuroscience research it is clear that schizophrenia is caused by different problems in the mechanisms of brain function and...