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HOPE on the Other Side

May 24, 2018

Today Dr. Ken's guest is Royal Fraser.

Royal ‘s early life experience exposed him to Chinese Medicine. His father was in the military and was sent to Korea, though Royal and his family couldn’t go, his father sent back stories, art and Zen Buddhist objects that spoke to Chinese Medicine and the riches of Korean culture. Later in New York City, he studied at the oldest massage school in the United States, the
Swedish Institute. He specialized in Shiatsu, a massage technique based on the teachings of Chinese medicine. In NYC he worked as a massage therapist with Park Avenue movers and
shakers. Later, Royal studied Chinese Medicine for four years @ the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York & San Diego. This graduate level program included internships at a
hospice, senior’s clinic and homeless clinic.

Personally, I have had over 100 acupuncture treatments from Royal for my own low back and mid-back back issues, and for overall energy & health balance. This moved me to a new
plateau of health, and completely stopped my back spasms which lasted about 3 days each, and had happened over a several years long period.

His patients get the royal treatment.

Royal, thanks for being here today.

Royal says that Chinese Medicine focuses on helping people before they get sick. He says there are 8 aspects of Chinese Medicine. He focuses on acupuncture. Acupuncture is the use of very fine needles to stimulate points int he body that are useful in promoting someone's health. The Chinese mapped out a system of where to stimulate the body to cure certain issues.

Royal speaks about chi. He explains the energy aspects of that and describes it similar to steam that comes off cooking rice. He says that steam is exactly the same as the concept of chi.

Acupuncture can help a caregiver by helping their digestion which improves their nourishment. Royal says he speaks with the client at first to get a feeling about the things they need. Eating can be an issue for caregivers.

Royal addresses guilt and shame. He says Chinese Medicine sees guilt and shame as a cycle we have to move through. He mentions there should be joy and a sense of willpower as well. He says these things are meant to happen on a daily cycle.

Royal says that one thing that can be helpful to a caregiver is to get outside for at least 10 minutes each day. This will connect them back to nature and help relieve stress.

Royal finds that caregivers appreciate being listened to. They tend to be the ones who have to do the listening, so having someone listen to them is very helpful for their mental state. He says that people become relaxed by their acupuncture treatment. They feel rested and refreshed after a treatment. Sometimes grief comes out as well.

The discussion turns to how Royal can help people with anger issues related to their caregiver role. He says acupuncture can help get the anger out.